The VSA Affiliate Zine Project is complete!!

As a a proud member of the VSA International Network founded by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, VSA Ohio joins VSA affiliates as VSA celebrates 40 years in 2015. Next year is also the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a historic piece of equality legislation. VSA Ohio celebrated these two momentous occasions through a zine project in partnership with other VSA affiliates in New Mexico, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Each affiliate created their own zine about life and the arts in their region, then shared copies.

VSA Ohio announced a call for entries in early March and received over 30 entries. The theme for the zine was:

What do the arts in Ohio mean to you?

A majority of entries were completed at the organization's biggest annual event, A Day of Arts for All, on March 14th. The zine project provided a hands-on art experience for attendees from all over the state on a day meant to celebrate the arts and ability in Ohio. Some artists responded directly to the theme using text and images while others simply created images that meant something to them.

Goals of the project were:

*Exchange stories to learn about our shared human experiences

*Learn something new about other artists in Ohio, the US, and St. Lucia

*Celebrate life through art

VSA Ohio is a community connecting inspired artists with their passion, service providers with resources, and all citizens with creative opportunities.

By bridging arts and disability, our programs and services constantly evolve to provide inclusive environments and accessible opportunities for people with disabilities to celebrate life through the arts.

Participating Artists

Nuura Abdulkadir
Sarah Bakies
Norah Brown
Troy East
Joy Hale
Maya Harrington
Tony Harrington
Justin Michael Holts
Joseph Jang
Kathy Jean Kloman
Doree McAdams
David McFadden
Wendy Olszewski
Chris Oliver
Jennifer Rash
John Smith
Stephanie Spencer
Sasha Spikes
Amy Tracy
Theresa Whitlow
Daniel Wycuff
Sunapple Studio


See below for a copy of each affiliate’s Zine! Each link will take you to a Dropbox download of the zine file.

VSA Ohio

VSA Kentucky

VSA New Mexico

VSA Tennessee 

Check out this website for more information on the ADA Legacy Project and celebrations happening all over the country. You can also sign up here for get updates about VSA Tennessee’s Digital Arts Festival. 

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