Accessible Expressions Ohio
Started in 1996, Accessible Expressions Ohio is an adjudicated, statewide exhibition and tour of visual art for artists of all ages with disabilities. This professional development opportunity helps raise awareness about art and disability by presenting the art in inclusive settings.

Accessible Expressions Ohio 2014 Collage

The AEO tour begins with an opening ceremony early in the year where awards are given for first, second and third place in each category, including Best in Show and People’s Choice. Following the opening ceremony, the exhibit goes on tour across Ohio through December.

“What I love about the [AEO] exhibit is the variety and diversity of both the artwork itself as well as the special artists who created it!”
– Anitra, Medina

Congratulations to the following award winners and artists selected for the 2014 Accessible Expressions Ohio Exhibition!

                                                         Youth Award Winners

                                                       Emerging Award Winners

                                                   Professional Award Winners

                                                           Other Award Winners

Participating Artists
Emerging                                                                                 Professional 

Rachael Armstrong                                                                    Brandon Boggs
Kathy Barnett                                                                             Fedrick Bullucks
Stacey Bartlett                                                                           Leah Davis
Tracey Bartlett                                                                           Laura Evert
Jessica Bash                                                                             Larry Frank
Megan Boddy                                                                             Emily Funk
Christopher Bowsman                                                               Joseph Greene
Tim Bozell                                                                                   Tony Hoover
Heidi Brooks                                                                               Andrew Hostick
Concha Castaneda                                                                    Bernadette Martin
Greg Caudill                                                                               Laura McConnell
Jill Davis                                                                                     Charlotte McGraw
Sandy Frazier                                                                            Jeff Meadows
Paul Grimes                                                                                James Pack
Donna Grote                                                                              Margrit Tydings-Petrie
Joseph (Jody) Holbrook                                                            Shari Veleba
Michael Holdren                                                                         Jessica Wallace
Connie Houser                                                         
Ian Howard                                                                                Youth
Sebine Johnson                                                                         Nathanael Curtiss
Kalen Kittinger                                                                           Jonah Farmer
Paul Laage                                                                                 Lucas Feruito
Brandon LaBonte                                                                       Henry Hess
Carl Loftin                                                                                   Justin Wilmoth 
Lauren Marsh                                                                             Zariel Abebrese
Lucy McAdams
Mike McDowell
Kyle McKay
Gary Mollohan
Janine Moore
Amy Nimon
Debbie Norton
James O'Dor
Wendi Olszewski
Shawnda Osswald
Allan Payer
Pam Rader
David Rakevich
Tony Ringholz
Greg Rounds
Stephen Rounthwaite
Ashley Schroeder
Jamie Seabrecht
Paula Shumaker
Adam Smith
Stephanie Spencer
Jamey Taylor
Joe  Thompson
Steven Weilbacher
Cliff Williams
Jill Wolfe
Diane Woodward
Michael York

Be a Tour Site - Bring AEO to your Community in 2014
Help inspire your community by partnering with VSA Ohio and hosting AEO. With flexible date availability, we make scheduling the exhibit easy. We can also adjust the number of pieces displayed to meet the needs of your space. VSA Ohio will provide a staff member to assist with installation and deinstallation. AEO has been displayed at libraries, government and corporate offices, galleries and conferences, and is a great way to increase the visual appeal of your space while also helping VSA Ohio raise awareness. For more information call 614.241.5325 or click the link above to download the Site Survey and return it to VSA Ohio. 

2014 Tour Sites

OSU Bricker Hall                           Columbus                            April-May
Short North Alliance Office          Columbus                             April-June
Common Grounds Coffee Shop    Port Clinton                         June-July
Springfield Museum of Art            Springfield                           June-July
Kan Du Gallery                              Findlay                                June-August

We Care Arts                                Kettering                             July-September
Granville Public Library                 Granville                    September-November
Sandusky Artisans                       Sandusky                  September-November
Beck Center for the Arts               Lakewood                October-December
Wild Goose Creative                      Columbus                 November- December
OCALICON                                     Columbus                         November

A Day of Arts for All 2014
This year's celebration takes place on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Westerville Community Center from 12:00pm-1:30 pm. At Day of Arts for All, VSA Ohio honors award winners from each category of this year's Accessible Expressions Ohio exhibition and recognizes the winners of the Young Soloist Music Competition. Attendees can enjoy refreshments and partake in an official award ceremony.  Artists and community members also have the opportunity to participate in a professional development workshop on marketing and artistic practice. This event is free and open to all.