Big news, everyone!

When I started working with VSA Ohio in 2011, I entered as an artist in the Accessible Expressions Ohio Exhibit. From there, I was a guest blogger on Arts and Events for VSAO. Now, it’s my honor to be an admin on VSA Ohio social media. I’ll be posting events, keeping everyone updated on the latest in the disability/arts community, and creating some original content.

In addition to keeping updates, I’ll be blogging monthly. The blog will include thoughts on the arts, what’s happening at VSAO, and fun stuff like Throwback Thursdays and artists’ profiles. Having been in some exhibits myself, I’ve seen we have some wonderful talent from visual artists, poets, musicians, and singers! Anything that will challenge the traditional notion of disability as a limitation.

We, as artists, want to be seen as creators, doers, and contributors. I hope to help make artists with disabilities seen, heard, and felt. Both in my own personal art and work for VSAO I hope to spread the word that people of all abilities can be creators, limited only by their imaginations. I am who I am both in spite of and because of my disability. I want to reveal the creative inspirations beneath the “limits” of each artist.

I’ve come a long way since “entering the arts” in 2011. It’s a great honor to be helping others reveal their creations in the community. Together, we can make people sense that disability is more than meets the eye. It is a lived experience, rich with creative potential. Thank you! Look forward to feedback from everyone!

- Christopher "Chris" Bowsman, January 2019

Chris smiling in an art studio as he paints and wears an apron

About Chris

Christopher Bowsman is a man of many talents, loves all things animation, and enjoys to travel. Chris has always been fascinated with art and culture, so it comes as no surprise that he received his BA in German Language and Literature and his MA in Intercultural Communications from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Chris’s love for animation stems from his fascination with video games as well as comics, and says his favorite game is Street Fighter. Chis enjoys traveling whenever he can with his most memorable experience being the time he spent in Spain.