New Grant!

Grant Purpose
The purpose of this grant is to help artists with disabilities take immediate actions which allow them to create, participate, and learn, ultimately fostering a more inclusive society. Creative expression is integral to personal growth and vibrant communities. Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation (LKFF) seeks to take action and has created this one-time grant opportunity by providing funds to individual artists with disabilities who face barriers to access. This funding is open to artists living in Ohio and pursuing any art form (visual, performance, digital, literary, etc.). Since the purpose of the grant is action and access, projects which are ready to go with short project timelines are preferred.

It is expected that artists know best which projects will help them take action and have an immediate impact. Therefore, projects are expected to vary widely, but activities should fall within one or both of these categories:
·      Travel to venues/conferences, or
·      Creating access to a non-traditional performance/exhibit space. 

Funds may Not be used for any of the following:
·      Any purpose outside of the project Grant Agreement, unless prior written approval is given.
·      To carry on propaganda, attempt to influence legislation, or for any activities related to political campaigns.

Grant Amount
·      Artists may request either $500 or $1,000 for their project.
·      Those requesting $1,000 must demonstrate professional experience and a strong plan.
·      There is no cash match requirement.

Eligibility & Requirements
·      Applicants must have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; guidelines are available here:
·      Applicants must be an Ohio resident.
·      Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
·      If you are awarded a grant, you must provide a final report within 30 days of the project’s completion.
·      Applicants awarded $1,000 will receive a 1099-Misc tax form from VSA Ohio.

Grant recipients are required to submit a final report on activities within 30 days of project completion. 

How to Apply
·      Interested applicants are encouraged to contact VSA Ohio to discuss their project.
·      Accommodations can be made for the application process.
·      Applicants should fully review these Guidelines and refer to the Grant Application.

Complete applications include:
o   Narrative questions
o   Budget
o   Support materials
   - Resume, Biography, OR Artist Statement
   - Work samples
   - Marketing materials
   - Documentation that elaborates on the project
   - One (1) letter of support *only for projects requesting $1,000

The Fund for Artists with Disabilities is distributed by VSA Ohio, with support from Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation.

Deadline is rolling: funds will be distributed until they are gone. APPLY NOW!


Click here to download the guidelines

Click here to download the full application